All About Me

Hiya there!

Have you ever seen a PR-ofessional bartender? Well, here I am!

My name is Pragati Zanwar and I am a PR professional with a passion for bartending. Connect with me via social media or LinkedIn.

I started off as a Hospitality person and have now moved over to Public Relations; taking my education from Niagara College Canada. I still work as a Bartender and hope to channel that affinity into Public relations for an alcohol brand, though not limited to it.

For the technical side of things, I am Smart Serve certified and hold a certificate for Research Ethics as well. I am quite proficient with Microsoft suite and internal/external communications. I have an introductory knowledge of Meltwater – Media Monitoring and CisionPoint. As part of the job, I do work well with CP style of writing, although it is a work in progress.

I like volunteering for events too! They’re mostly school or hospitality related, but I have always learnt something new and met really nice people.

I love to read books – any genre except for horror – and you will see me posting book excerpts, mostly from whichever book I am currently reading. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a sommelier but I do have a national award for wine tasting. 
I am fond of being a wine-guide for people, am partial to Rieslings, almost always carrying a corkscrew and know the difference between my Merlots and Syrahs. (I really hope you enjoy my jokes!)

I usually geek out over cocktail recipes, pretty stationery, freshly baked bread and desserts mostly involving chocolate. I am a coffee-addict and absolutely adore Jasmine tea.

I hope you have a good time going through my blog and connect with me!

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